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Product Description

This advanced system with its innovative & distinct features was designed to achieve groundbreaking strides in efficient clinical, radiological treatment of tumors including breast, esophageal, lung prostate, breast & cervical cancer.

Built with the comfort & convenience of patients in mind, the Halcyon system is setting the pace in the medical industry with its unique features that allows treatment in just nine easy steps. The Halcyon unique speed, double layer multi leaf collimator & image guided systems ensure the highest quality of clinical care, while minimising the level of dose to surrounding uninfected tissues with an intuitive workflow to ease user experience. The Halcyon facilitates quality delivery of treatment in radiation oncology by setting higher standards in healthcare.

The Halcyon™ System  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

Halcyon Features

  • System capabilities built for advanced techniques such as Multi-arc volumetric modulated arc therapy & vast field Intensity-modulated radiation therapy

  • Powerful 800 MU/min dose rate.

  • 6MV Flattening Filter Free (FFF) beam

  • A gantry that rotates up to four times

  • Collimator rotation between fields for enhanced treatment conformity.

  • A fast leaf speed of up to 5cm/sec specifically engineered to support the faster gantry rotation.

  • Dual-layer offset leaf technology with 100% overtravel capability enabling more efficient treatments .

  • "Stacked and staggered" approach provides optimized modulation and reduced interleaf leakage.

  • Fast, sharp, ~15-second CBCT image capture; 7 seconds for a 2-D image

  • 100% image guidance enables consistent & confident workflow

Installation & Deinstallation Service

Our team at TGOHN have studied & fully understand the unique design of the Halcyon system and can carry out installation or deinstallation services within Englewood, FL swiftly & with ease. We also carry out quality control checks on the systems embedded components such as the solid state modulator, camera, lasers, the intercom, and system shielding to ensure everything is in place & ready for use.