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Product Description

IGRT or Image guided radiotherapy is the use of constant advanced high-resolution, three-dimensional images that allows healthcare personnels to identify tumor sites for the purpose of increased accuracy and treatment of cancer cells during radiotherapy.

Image Guide Radiotherapy uses real time imaging technology to pinpoint and treat cancer cells with accuracy & precision. The use of image guided radiotherapy helps in obliterating tumors in body parts that move frequently such as the lungs as in lung Cancer, pancreas, and prostate gland, as well as tumors located close to critical healthy organs and tissues.

The image guiding technology are incorporated into radiotherapy machines to enhance it's effectiveness and overall purpose in radiology as it helps clinician's to compare captured images using a CT scan to the reference images taken during simulation and by so doing, the patient's position and/or the radiation beams may be adjusted to more precisely target the radiation dose to the tumor. To ensure alignment and target the radiation equipment properly, some IGRT procedures may use fiducial markers, ultrasound, MRI, x-ray images of bone structure, CT scan, 3-D body surface mapping, electromagnetic transponders or colored ink tattoos on the skin.

Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

Components of Image Guided Radiation Technology.

Computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (US) and x-ray imaging may be used for IGRT by visualizing bony or soft-tissue anatomy. Other methods for IGRT use markers placed on the patient's body surface or implanted within the patient's body and sometimes the imaging is performed by a detector in the room which tracks motion by localizing markers on the surface of a patient, or electromagnetic transponders placed within the patient.

Installation & Deinstallation Service

TGOHN Englewood, FL provides installation & deinstallation services for all IGRT equipments and its innovative solution such as treatment couch, the Eclipse treatment planning system & treatment delivery systems such as the Edge, TrueBeam, Trilogy and Clinac series linear accelerators all of which play an important role in treatment planning, delivery & record management.