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Product Description

TGOHN offer installation & deinstallation on the Edge System a radiosurgery equipment

that is designed for distributing radiosurgery treatments through the entire body with precision & accuracy by tracking the exact location of a tumor for subsequent intracranial and extracranial treatments. This system comprises advanced tools designed to deliver regulated dose distributions of treatment to tumors located in the respiratory, cardiac or cranial region and other areas of the body.

The Edge™ System  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

Systems Features

  • Speed: The Edge was designed to work with greater speed thus increasing the number of patients that can undergo effective radio surgery procedures.

  • Precision: The Edge custom features allow radiosurgery at the highest dose rate (that is 2400 MU/ minute) with non-ionizing, direct and real-time guidance for tumor location while limiting dose to surrounding healthy uninfected tissues.

  • Accuracy: The Edge offers radiologists and clinicians the ability to identify the target and deliver highly focused treatments, in fewer sessions at the convenience of the patients.

  • Innovative Architecture: The Edge advanced architecture ensures a streamlined and efficient medical procedure as it provides a groundbreaking solution for delivering full-body radiosurgery treatments with accuracy.

  • Smooth Automation: By possesing a carefully controlled workflow, surgeons can fully use the systems imaging to enhance treatment, ensure safety and minimize operation time as the Edge real-time system enables a high level of coordination between the operational capability of the gantry, collimator and couch.

The Edges Automation assures maximum success in overall results by ensuring proper patient positioning and imaging. This gives the Edge more flexibility in treating different tumor cases in other parts of the body difficult to reach with surgery.

Installation & Deinstallation Service

As a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery, this systems installation or deinstallation requires top-notch technical skill offered by TGOHN Englewood, FL to ensure that everything is in working order.