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TGOHN provides turn key solutions for all rigging services

TGOHN provides turn key solutions in the removal, transport & relocation of all heavy weight industrial radiological, medical and pharmaceutical equipment's or machinery. Our diverse multi-talented team of rigging experts are well trained and experienced with all rigging related operations, including MRI Rigging.

Rigging Services We at TGOHN adopt the use of highly advanced rigging equipments alongside the integration of top-notch rigging techniques to provide high quality delivery for all your heavy lifting and moving needs. By working with TGOHN you can be rest assured that all your sensitive, expensive and fragile radiological, medical and pharmaceutical equipment's will be carefully and cautiously handled all through the rigging process. We consider accountability and record keeping being of pertinent importance, as we have made adequate provisions to constantly monitor and keep an eye on every single step of the rigging services process, all the way from its initial planning, analysis, implementation and final execution.

Our rigging services, including MRI Rigging, at TGOHN incorporates well thought out and effective practical techniques tactically integrated at different phases to ensure maximum service delivery. All our expert riggers, technicians and professionals at TGOHN will implement standard practices within the industry including proper documentation, effective planning, appropriate onsite coordination, superb quality control and swift execution to ensure enhanced satisfaction of your rigging requests.

Dozens of organization and companies within Englewood, FL trust the professionals at TGOHN to safely and efficiently provide rigging services for their fragile & sensitive pharmaceutical, radiological and medical equipment without harm or damage to the system's delicate components or parts, as an example MRI Rigging. Our rigging services move everything from heavy equipment to delicate machinery including heavyweight parts, oversized equipment and entire plants from one location to another.

At TGOHN all our technicians and rigging experts are fully trained, licensed and insured to handle all your heavy industrial and commercial rigging needs as we specialize in providing a wide range of first class rigging and relocation solutions for your pharmaceutical, radiological and medical machinery.

Our track record of competence and excellent rigging services has solidified our position as a top leader in Englewood, FL rigging service industry. Your satisfaction with topnotch service delivery is our main focus as all hands are on deck to ensure that the best practices in the industry are implemented throughout the entire process.