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Product Description

HyperArc is uniquely designed with state-of-the-art features to enable stable irradiation of brain tumors

in multiple cranial locations all at once whilst sparing healthy surrounding brain tissues thus, saving time & promoting better management of patient movement during treatments. HyperArc is built for High Definition Radiotherapy (HDRT) a new method of radio surgery treatment that allows healthcare professionals to plan and deliver effective radiosurgery to complex cases efficiently with a high accuracy of dose compactness and conformity in close relation to the size, shape and location of brain cancer tumors.

HyperArc  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

HyperArc Features

  • Ease of SetUp: HyperArc setup allows for easy configuration and calibration of the systems units within a lesser timeframe that is convenient to both patient and operator thus, ensuring an efficient workflow including the visualization of multiple targets at the same time.

  • New Optimization Tools: The HyperArc comprises tools for Stereotactic radiosurgery that function in appropriating proper tumor dose and treatment. These tools enable effective irradiation of the tumor and minimizes dose to surrounding normal tissues.

  • Patient Safety: The HyperArc was built with the safety of patients as one if it's designs top priority in delivering a completely automated, safe and fully integrated effective treatments. To achieve this feat, the system has the following capabilities to ensure patient safety throughout the entire procedure;

    • Virtual Dry Run: to mitigate against collision risk, the HyperArcs system was developed with new sets of advanced visualization tools that displays the treatment delivery sequence during treatment planning itself. This enables a test run to be performed virtually thus, saving valuable time & resources whilst ensuring that the procedure will proceed safely.

    • Class Solution: HyperArc provides an end-to-end class solution in treating intracranial targets. Delivery sequences are derived from a superset of trajectories as Immobilization is pre-defined, while intra-fraction imaging and patient setup are prescribed. The repeatability of the external process allows for a reproducible treatment time, enabling early treatments with HyperArc to be conducted in a conventional radiation therapy time.

Installation & Deinstallation Service

At TGOHN Englewood, FL, our team are fully groomed on the skills & technicalities required for the installation & deinstallation of this advanced equipment used for sophisticated treatments such as stereotactic radiosurgery.