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Product Description

The Trilogy was built to be powerful, versatile, & reliable in the delivery of treatment to various types of cancer.

Combining these three elements the Trilogy system can: deliver effective radiotherapy or radio surgery using both IGRT & IMRT techniques in shorter sessions, allow the treatment of different cancer on a single equipment and limits damage to other healthy critical body tissues during treatment.

Trilogy®  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

Clinical Benefits of the Trilogy® Medical System

  • Highest dose rate for shorter sessions.

  • Faster treatment times.

  • Tight isocenter alignments on all three axes for targeting the smallest lesions.

  • Rapid on-board imaging to reposition patients quickly and accurately.

  • Cone-Beam CT for fine tuning patient set ups with precise CT scans.

Installation & Deinstallation Service

The Global Health Oncology Network Services also covers expert installation, deployment, and deinstallation of the Trilogy® medical equipment within Englewood, FL and the entire United States.