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Product Description

The Probeam is a revolutionary system in radiotherapy that delivers high proton doses to tumors with perfect accuracy for effective results.

The ProBeam System pencil beam scanning technology allow radiologists the ability to precise locate and position the beam to the targeted tumor. The Probeam Radiotherapy machine could either be utilized either as a compact single or multi room proton therapy format.

ProBeam™  Install & deinstall Englewood, FL

Probeams Compact Single Room Proton therapy format

The Probeams Compact single-room system takes up lesser space than a multi-room proton therapy format but limits the number of patients that can be treated.

Probeams Compact Multi Room Proton therapy format

A multi-room proton format has an increased capacity to treat higher numbers of patients. ProBeam Multi room proton therapy system delivers the same technologically advanced pencil beam scanning therapy as well as a fully rotational gantry, a single integrated console, and other advanced function regardless of the number of treatment rooms.

Merits of the Probeam System

  • Tailor doses for treatment that is complimentary to the complex shapes that reflect the exact description of the cancer cell.

  • Deliver higher radiation doses with increased proportion to the tumors shape.

  • Comprises Pencil beam scanning technology that delivers intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT), which is recognized for its effectiveness and conformity of dose delivery.

  • Treat tumors in difficult locations, for example tumors that are surrounded by critical, healthy tissue and organs.

  • Can often reduce the side effects common in traditional radiotherapy, due to sparing of healthy tissues.

  • Installation & Deinstallation Service

    The installation or deinstallation of the Probeam system requires the skills of our well-trained & highly experienced professionals from the Global Health Oncology Network Englewood, FL who have the required expertise & knowledge on the systems technology & design including its setup in a single or multi room format.