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Manufactured by Health Pro, a manufacturer of surgical masks in Hong Kong

Shipped out of Houston, Texas

These N95 standard masks are BFE and PFE ASTM level 3

4 layer structure protection!

FDA Certification

Certifications issued by national specialized agencies and testing labs

BFE & PFE higher than 99%

ASTM – F2100 - US standard

Certification code 081.001 (enforcement discretion standard foreign manufactured device code)

Pricing TBD based on quantity and date ordered (price changes daily based on demand)

Current price is $4.00 per mask

Call for information and to place an order

Tom Gohn

The Global Oncology Health Network

We are buyers and sellers of medical imaging equipment and linear accelerators. We de-install and reinstall medical equipment, working with hospitals and clinics across the country. We have been in business more than 30 years. We have a direct source to provide the current in-demand masks and associated equipment. Contact us via email at or call (727) 678-4134

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